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ABOUT US – Born to do it! My mother Lilian started Davis Photography in 1975, while pregnant with ME, Paul her only child. Impatiently waiting to finish school and start in our high street studio at Waterside in Coleraine it’s been the best part of my life for over 20 years. A love of working with people and capturing emotion makes my job so rewarding and enjoyable.




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ABOUT ME – I enjoy ┬áholidays with my wife Suzanne, sunrise walks, chilling on the beach, cocktails at sunset, anything to relax and break up the routine, charging the batteries for our return to work.

Busting a good session at the gym, the energy and focus it produces sets me up for the day! Being self employed, I feel keeping fit and healthy is important.

Music and driving are another two of my favourite things. Cruising along our beautiful North Coast taking in the scenery listening to new albums or old mix tapes helps clear the mind.paul-davis-swimPin ThisPin This

A lover of gadgets has made my digital photography even more enjoyable. Sharing pictures on social media, browsing online for inspiration or researching the latest products.paul-davis-travelPin ThisPin This