Limavady Wedding Roe Park Resort – Leann + Jon

Late on a dry Autumn afternoon the wedding ceremony took place of Leann and Jon at The Roe Park Resort in Limavady. It was easy to tell the men had arrived when I seen the vibrant red Ford Mustang 5.0-litre beast of a coupe sitting alongside the hotel under the rustic coloured trees, scribbled on the windscreen ‘Leann & Jon’ this was a sure way of letting guests know which door to arrive at.

In the warmth of the hotel guests were able to relax as the couple exchanged vows in a transformed Roe Park Suite decorated with Autumnal displays. The new Mr & Mrs walked down the aisle and the hotel served refreshments as Leann and Jon chatted with guests. With a 3pm ceremony, the bridal party and myself nipped outside for some photographs before we lost the daylight, the colours were beautiful and the weather was kind. We strolled around the hotel grounds capturing as much scenery as possible before heading back inside to join family and friends.

Transformed again, the dining room looked a fab setting for guests to enjoy each others company as the day turned into night, and the night turned into a party! Please feel free to like and share this post on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest and get everyone involved! Also, don’t forget to click the link for the entire gallery of images-